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26 January 2004

Torked off

There's a tendency to expect our heroes to have feet of clay — we are a cynical species at times, which I believe to be a survival mechanism — but seldom do we envision that said clay might go past the ankles, past the belt-line, all the way to the scalp.

Which may or may not have something to do with how Donna finds her fondness for the Monkees more shaken than stirred.

(Addendum, 2:15 pm: Speaking of Donna, she's pulled her picture off her front page; if you're going through withdrawal symptoms as a result, you might take a peek at the logo at Wonkette.)

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Peter really angered me. I guess that came through in the entry, huh? In the future if I am ever in the presence of celebrity, I will not proceed. Best to keep the illusion separate from the reality. Wish I had done it with Peter.

That is a great graphic on Wonkette. Wish I could get something like that for donnaville.

Posted by: Donna at 6:41 PM on 26 January 2004

FWIW, my wife has met Peter on several occasions -- and I met him on one, although I'm totally "Eh" when it comes to the Monkees -- and that isn't typical of his behavior with fans. My perception from her remarks is that he does tend to run hot and cold.

Posted by: Phil at 7:46 PM on 26 January 2004