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27 January 2004

Look, a talking school!

One of the evergreen pieces from Frosty Troy's The Oklahoma Observer is the "I Am Your Public School" essay. While the Observer has no Web presence, the essay can be read at the site of the Oklahoma Education Association.

Yesterday, Cam Edwards opined that "I Am Your Public School", in his words, is "due a good fisking."

Chris O'Donnell obliges.

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So that's a good fisking? I guess since I'm the product of public schooling, it prevents me from appreciating the sarcastic wit of O'Donnell's post. Although he did have one good line.

"And by the way oh great public school teacher, it's spelled "income,", not "in come."

What a card. I'm still laughing over that one. Frosty must feel like a fool. ?

Posted by: Mike at 12:40 PM on 28 January 2004