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28 January 2004

Quick, get me rewrite

Actor and "semiotician" (okay, if you say so) Erik Todd Dellums has a major problem with Anthony Mingella's film of Charles Frazier's novel Cold Mountain: it's not about slavery. It's set during the Civil War Between The States For Southern Independence; therefore, reasons Dellums, it should be telling the story of the plight of black Americans. Never mind that this isn't the story Mingella — or, for that matter, Frazier — was trying to tell. We're talking big-H History here:

Could you imagine The Pianist or Schindler's List ever being made with but a few seconds of the reality of the Holocaust? Of course not. A film with such a gross misrepresentation would never make it past page one of a screenplay!

Come to think of it, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre really should have contained scenes critical of logging, and there isn't one mention of gas chambers anywhere in The Producers.

Dellums' current project is Camp D.O.A., for which the casting call requested, among other standard-issue characters, a "Caucasian male, 18-25, hip-hop type." How dare they have some white guy stick his nose into black culture?

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Mr. Dellums:

1. Has it come to your attention that nearly a million Americans died in the Civil War -- and that nearly all of them were white?

2. Are you perhaps related to Ronald Dellums, former Congresstoad, Fidel Castro supporter and general blot on the Republic?

3. Do you have any plans for getting over yourself?

Francis W. Porretto,
Curmudgeon Emeritus

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 2:27 PM on 28 January 2004

To answer #2: Mr Dellums is, in fact, the son of Ronald Dellums.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:54 PM on 28 January 2004