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28 January 2004

The king of spayed

That would be State Senator Sam Helton, a Lawton Democrat, who has proposed a bill (Senate Bill 1130, for those keeping score) dubbed the "Dog and Cat Ownership Responsibility Act," which intends to make sure you have your pets neutered by charging you if you don't.

Under SB 1130, if you expect to own an intact male of either species aged six months or older — or an intact female four months or older — you must have a license from the State Department of Health, which will cost you $100 per animal, per annum. Should you be so unfortunate as to have an actual whelping on site, you'll need a Noncommercial Breeder's License at the same price, with a maximum of three critters. If you deliberately breed these animals, as a hobby or to earn your daily bread, the state will charge you $1000 a year.

I have no doubt that this sort of thing would cut down on the number of strays and such which wind up in animal shelters. On the other hand, so would drowning all puppies and kittens at birth, which no one is recommending. Yet.

The American Kennel Club, for its part, is having a cow.

Posted at 2:04 PM to Soonerland

How about passing a bill mandating all politicians must undergo lobotomies. That would minimize the adverse affect they have on society... or we could just drown them once they've been elected.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 7:48 PM on 28 January 2004

Requiring politicians to undergo lobotomies seems, at times, akin to requiring all water to flow downhill.

Posted by: McGehee at 6:18 AM on 29 January 2004

I don't think the law would help anything at all. This from an animal welfare person.

If people are going to be irresponsible, they're going to be irresponsible, law or no. And then, on the other hand, there are just stupid laws. My municipality has one that you can't have more than four animals.

My fifth cat is just an illusion, really.

(They're all fixed, of course. I don't want 100 cats).


Posted by: hln at 9:15 AM on 31 January 2004