The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 January 2004

Just sign the papers, young lady

Right about now, right around Philadelphia, Donna is handing over most of her life savings in exchange for a stack of papers this high, a set of keys, and a mortgage that looks for all the world like the federal deficit.

Remember that old shtick about "This is the first day of the rest of your life"? When I did this back in November, the very moment I turned the key for the first time, I knew that's where I was: square one on a whole new path. I have a feeling she's going to see it much the same way.

Buyer's remorse? Barring actual structural catastrophe — say, the roof deciding to come down and pay the floor a visit — it ain't gonna happen.

Now to wangle an invitation.

Posted at 10:48 AM to Common Cents

I signed my name about a thousand times but you were right-- it only took about an hour. Once everything was signed and the keys were in my hand I drove to MY HOUSE, unlocked the door and stood inside. I stood there for ages-- in my mind I kept thinking, "Mine! ALL MINE!" Yes, my bank account is depleted but now I own something. It feels right. It feels so gosh darn good! I am happy. :-)

Posted by: Donna at 4:19 PM on 29 January 2004

No need to wrangle-- just tell me when you are in town!!!! :-)

Posted by: Donna at 5:04 PM on 29 January 2004