The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

31 January 2004

Right before "secondary"

This week's Oklahoma Gazette has brief writeups of the Democratic contenders in Tuesday's primary, and the last line of each is an official campaign phone number, which prompted a little bit of research from this desk, which in turn prompted a raised eyebrow or two, for the following reasons:

  • Three of the candidates don't have local phone numbers, because, so far as I can determine from their official Web sites, they don't have campaign offices in this state. Sharpton and LaRouche I can understand — budgetary limitations and all — but John Kerry? And at least Al and Lyndon will pick up the tab if you call them on their toll-free lines; Kaptain Ketchup gives a number in D.C. that will probably cost you.

  • Two of the candidates — Dean and Kucinich — have offices in the same building (NE 40th and Lincoln Blvd.) that houses the state Democratic Party. How did they wangle that deal?

  • Clark and Lieberman have downtown offices in the general vicinity of Automobile Alley. I have no idea where Edwards' command post is, though I give him props for having what appears to be voice-over-IP phone service, thereby saving a few bucks if he needs to call, say, John Kerry's D.C. office.

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