The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

31 January 2004

Paging Greg Focker

The lovely and talented Weetabix addresses this open letter to a guy with a Green Bay vanity plate on his truck:

I realize that "PACKER" was probably already taken when you went to the DMV and maybe you panicked, standing there at the counter with the million mouth breathers waiting in line behind you, but did you realize that by putting "PCKER" on your license plate, everyone is calling you Pecker?

I'm surprised the pckerheads in Wisconsin actually issued a plate with this particular combination of letters; a lot of states would bar anything that even vaguely suggested something phallic. (My own plate, which is three letters, three digits, no big deal, provoked Big Laffs in the sanitary state of New Jersey; evidently they've learned to read between the lines even when nothing is there.)

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