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1 February 2004

L'affaire Wonkette

First there was the original post (which this morning I can't seem to find for some reason), and then The Professor was all over it:

Wonkette has so infuriated the Rittenhouse Review that it's adopting a "choose me or choose her!" approach. ("If you link to 'Wonkette' through your blogroll you cannot and will not enjoy, for what that might be worth, a link from The Rittenhouse Review.") Is that wise?

Of course, in line with the Law of Unintended Consequences, this brought Wonkette cascades of additional linkage.

But what's most amusing about this is that Ana Marie Cox, who puts together all this stuff, is at least as far left as James Capozzola himself; in a radio interview for WAMU [requires RealAudio], she reveals that she actually voted for Nader in '00 — not that it matters a whole lot, since she lives in D.C. and all.

I note that Capozzola has switched his endorsement this year from Kucinich to Kerry; there's still time for most of you to order new bumper stickers.

(Update, 2 February, 4:15 pm: If you've come here from Jeff Jarvis' BuzzMachine, you can find the original of Capozzola's post, snatched from Google's cache, at this link.)

Posted at 9:59 AM to Blogorrhea

The reason you can't find it is that the entry has been deleted. It's now clear what this was all about.

Posted by: Reid at 11:00 AM on 1 February 2004

It would so seem.

For the benefit of posterity, I got a screen print of the original article out of the Google cache, which will be available here. (This assumes your browser can read PNG files, as most can.)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:24 AM on 1 February 2004

This Rittenhouse character sounds like a nickel-plated idiot. I assume he's well to the left of center, since the object of his outraged affection is MWO. Well, plus ca change and all that.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 12:36 PM on 1 February 2004

AFAIK, Capazoliolio or whatever his name is has always been a pompous bore. He did the delinking crap before, and got a bunch of one-time hits (from people who probably went -- like I did -- "Damn, I didn't think anyone could be this consistently boring." And -- he's still boring! Go figure. Oh well, if you have a talent, you should use it to the full.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 11:26 PM on 2 February 2004