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2 February 2004

Now that it's over

Well, yes, I'm going to forbid my daughter to see Justin Timberlake, which is probably about as difficult as telling her to avoid gargling with bleach, but the most telling comment about yesterday's Bowl (they tell me that there was a football game, of all things, going on in the background) came from Linda Richman, by way of Robb Hibbard:

Kid Rock is neither a kid, nor does he rock. Discuss.

And that's the end of that.

Update, 9:05 am: Well, almost. Greg Hlatky points out that this was to be expected:

It was a cheap vulgar moment from a cheap vulgar company during a cheap vulgar show during a cheap vulgar sporting event. MTV's aim was right at its demographic: sullen pimply hormone-soaked adolescents of all ages. And they hit their target dead on.

And frankly, Janet — Miss Jackson if you're nasty — has generally been the least annoying member of the family; this may have been a setup, but I'd like to think they didn't warn her in advance.

Posted at 7:30 AM to Almost Yogurt

Janet did that album cover where she stood topless, facing forward, and her breasts were covered by two male hands reaching around from behind. This pitiful stunt wasn't too far outside her 'norm'.

Posted by: Ted at 11:41 AM on 2 February 2004

Perhaps I just imagined it from my youth, but Janet Jackson also did a playboy spread some years back. It's not like she had much virtue to begin with.

Posted by: Ravenwood at 2:25 PM on 2 February 2004

This whole piece of absurdity is going to take on the same biblical proportions as Dean's Unholy Scream. Both events are hugely blown out of proportion; both events were staged; and both events deserve nothing but a glancing nod and toss to the garbage heap.

It is most unbelievable the airtime and press coverage both these events have garnered. In the grand scheme of things, our society is beyond pitiful that we will spend weeks concentrating on one man's scream and another woman's exposed breast.

Posted by: Vickie at 2:48 PM on 2 February 2004

The serious spread in Playboy was in fact LaToya; Janet's never done the full mondegreen for Hef.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:26 PM on 2 February 2004

Come on Americans... we have real issues in America. We have a serious drug problem, an expensive war, elections coming up, and we complain about a breast on T.V.? We see sex on T.V. all the time. Americans should worry about real issues in America. Don't shelter your kids, teach them that a breast is part of a human body. The idea that people were offended was very funny.

Posted by: Tim at 12:57 AM on 9 February 2004