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3 February 2004

Flying back to Rio

The redoubtable Man from F.U.N.K.L.E. explains how it is that City of God director Fernando Meirelles came to be nominated for a 2003 Academy Award for a picture released in 2002:

[A]pparently, the Academy has now adopted the Byzantine eligibility rules favoured by the Grammys, by which songs from the same album are eligible in consecutive years, unless they're songs by U2 or Santana, in which case they're eligible in perpetuity, or until they win, whichever comes sooner.

On the other hand, nothing winning an Oscar® — not even Oliver! — can possibly rival the embarrassment level of the Grammy for Best New Artist bestowed upon Milli Vanilli.

Posted at 10:29 AM to Almost Yogurt

Wait, didn't Michael Moore win a best "documentary" Oscar? Probably not as pure a fiction as Milli Vanilli was, I admit, but still pretty embarrassing.

Posted by: Steve Gigl at 11:46 AM on 3 February 2004

Presumably due to errors in the editing room, there were occasional accuracies in Bowling for Columbine; Moore, I trust, will be more careful next time around.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:56 AM on 3 February 2004