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3 February 2004

Watch party of one

First post, 8 pm: The polls closed about an hour ago; John Edwards has a very slight lead over Wesley Clark, hovering around the 30-percent mark, with John Kerry back in the lower 20s.

KOMA is reporting that in Oklahoma County, Howard Dean managed a reasonable second and Joe Lieberman actually made double digits, but out in the rural areas it's almost all Edwards and Clark.

Turnout seems pretty good; I was the 346th voter in my new precinct, two hours before closing. (In a strange twist of fate, the person right in front of me was the previous owner of my house; she's definitely gotten prettier since she moved out of here, and obviously she hasn't moved very far if she's still in the precinct.)

Update, 8:30 pm: Bill Wyatt has gotten almost 7 percent of the GOP vote with half the precincts counted.

Update, 9:05 pm: KTOK is reporting that with 75 percent of the numbers in, Edwards and Clark are still in a dead heat at 30 percent; Kerry has risen to 26 percent; Lieberman will apparently beat Dean for fourth.

Update, 9:25 pm: With 1942 of 2237 precincts in, the Clark-Edwards difference is 0.02 percent (71 votes); Wyatt is up to 9 percent for the GOP.

Update, 9:40 pm: KOMA has called it for Clark.

Update, 9:45 pm: Clark has opened up a 700-vote lead; Wyatt is over 10 percent.

Update, 9:55 pm: Clark's lead has grown to over 1000, which should be enough to nail it down. Edwards is a very close second, Kerry not quite so close a third; Al Sharpton outpolled Dennis Kucinich to pick up sixth place.

Deaniacs were lined up in the median on the Northwest Distressway this afternoon; I hope none of them threw themselves into ongoing traffic.

The numbers will be posted by the State Election Board here; the results will not be certified as official until next Tuesday.

Posted at 10:00 PM to Soonerland

Not that this has anything to do with your post, but you mentioned strange twists of fate:

Twenty-one years ago, we purchased our home in Connecticut from sellers who had moved to Florida for job opportunities. We moved in and remain here to this day.

Six months ago my daughter began dating a young man from a neighboring town who was introduced to her by the proverbial friends of friends of friends. They are still a couple. About a month into the dating process, my daughter asks us, "Does the name **** mean anything to you?" I replied, "Well, sort of, but I don't remember where I know that name." Daughter says, "Ma, it's (boyfriend's) last name. You guys bought this house from his parents 21 years ago."

Apparently the sellers moved back to CT and settled one town over three years ago.

Posted by: Vickie at 5:49 PM on 4 February 2004