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9 February 2004

One brief shining moment

Or at least, an awfully damned hot one, and one which proves the old saying "Garbage in, garbage out."

I wake up to the droning automated voice of the National Weather Service's VHF radio station (162.40 MHz), and this morning it was duly recapping yesterday's statistics: low 25, high 109.

One hundred and nine?

Trust me, it didn't feel like that when I was walking from the Civic Center to the Sheridan-Walker parking garage. But somehow this bogus number (the high was more like forty-nine) got into the database. (Here's a screen shot of the local NWS data page, before they get around to fixing it.)

Normal high for this date is 52 degrees.

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Maybe the thermometer got caught in some jetwash.

insert global warming joke here _____.

Posted by: TobaccoTom at 7:02 AM on 9 February 2004

Danged inflation!

Posted by: McGehee at 8:28 AM on 9 February 2004