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11 February 2004

Just a quick mote

Alex Beam is still apparently doing a slow burn over being roasted by bloggers:

What is that whooshing sound that you hear? It is all the hot air escaping from the self-styled "blogosphere." The blogosphere is the alternative reality Internet world, supposedly populated by vast communities of keyboard tappers linked by the World Wide Web. This campaign season, for the first time, the blogosphere had its own presidential candidate: Howard Dean.

Actually, it's not "self-styled'; it was Bill Quick's idea.

And if Beam thinks that Blogdom Assembled somehow embraced Dean to a greater extent than did Democrats voting in the primaries — which is to say, hardly at all — he needs to fire the person he hired to read blogs to him. (I hear kuro5hin has a couple of prospects.)

(Muchas gracias: ronbailey.)

Posted at 1:57 PM to Blogorrhea

I think part of the problem is that his blog-reader had to substitute for some of the longer words, like "heh."

Posted by: McGehee at 6:03 PM on 11 February 2004

Hey, Charles--I've been more intrigued at how many bloggers said they planned to vote for Lieberman, such as you, Mr. Sulik, and me, among others.

Posted by: Fritz Schranck at 6:22 PM on 11 February 2004

"Heh"? Indeed.

And I did vote for Joe, but a lot of people turned up at the polls who weren't me. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:29 PM on 11 February 2004