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14 February 2004

It's just another show

Joni Mitchell has the jump on me here:

I've looked at love from both sides now
From win and lose, and still somehow
It's love's illusions I recall
I really don't know love at all

With this thought in mind, and this being the feast of Valentine, patron saint of jewelers and greeting-card manufacturers, I have chosen to celebrate with a 25-track mix tape that captures both the frolic and the frustration of the day. I have no reason to think that the musical selections therein will do anything for your love life, but they will demonstrate both acceptable taste and relative diversity, neither of which is likely to hurt. The period covered is 1959 to 1972, which inevitably brackets the time when I first became aware of the existence of girls and the time when I realized that they weren't going to be aware of mine.

Or not. After all, it's love's illusions I recall, and just as perplexingly, it's more likely to be Judy Collins' version of "Both Sides Now" I recall than Joni's.

Posted at 8:14 AM to Table for One

I have so much to say and don't know where to begin. I love this list! It amazes me how many of my personal obscure faves you've included. "It's One of Those Nights"--wow. Somewhere up there, Tony Romeo is smiling.

Posted by: Dawn Eden at 4:27 PM on 14 February 2004

That's not a song to listen to whilst sitting alone in your house and even your cats are somewhere else..

Posted by: mostlycajun at 10:30 PM on 14 February 2004