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14 February 2004

Saturday scenes

A few things I spotted today while wandering about town:

At 50 Penn Place, I found myself parked next to a Volkswagen Cabrio with a "Re-elect Gore 2004" sticker. Did I miss something?

Jim Tolbert, who owns, among other things, the Full Circle Bookstore at 50 Penn Place, is running for mayor of Oklahoma City — the election will be 24 February — and inasmuch as he lives around here, most of the yard signs that have sprung up in lieu of spring foliage are Tolbert signs. Curiously, he even has yard signs in Nichols Hills, which is outside the city limits; Tolbert may have friends in this old-money enclave, but he won't get any votes there.

Sign at a jewelry store on May Avenue: Valentine's Day Nomination Bracelets. Admittedly, I don't have an actual Valentine, and I have no reasonable expectation of ever getting one, but it bothered me no end that I had no idea what a Nomination Bracelet was. (Now I know.)

And for some reason, almost all the copies of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in the rack at Albertson's were turned upside down.

Posted at 5:17 PM to City Scene

Ha! That bumper sticker kills me...freakin' morons who can't accept reality.

Posted by: David at 9:22 PM on 14 February 2004

"Re-elect Gore", since apparently Bush was SElected.

It's pretty apparent where this year's election is headed anyway; both men appear to be gearing up for some filthy campaigning. I've lost complete interest in both parties, to tell you the truth.

Posted by: Vickie at 7:40 AM on 15 February 2004

Heck, there were people singing "Re-Elect Gore in 2004" in 1997!

Posted by: McGehee at 8:31 PM on 15 February 2004