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17 February 2004

It's the same size hat, though

Alisha Virginia Oulette has been fighting fires in Danvers, Massachusetts for six and a half years.

When she signed up with the department, she was Albert James Oulette; in compliance with the Benjamin Standards of Care for M2F transsexuals, she has begun to live openly as a female. Surgery is still a year or so away.

Danvers has never had a female firefighter before; city officials don't expect any problems.

(Via California Yankee, who, unlike me, was restrained enough to avoid making any sliding-down-the-pole references.)

Posted at 9:49 AM to Dyssynergy

I don't think I'd trust her with a hose. If she's not happy with the one she's got why should anyone let her handle another?

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 7:28 PM on 17 February 2004