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19 February 2004

It's a(n un)clean sweep

Here's one for the theologians in our midst:

Is there any human act that can be said to violate all Ten Commandments at once?

Terence Jeffrey, editor of Human Events, says: Yes, there is.

(Via Hit & Run)

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» Who knew the commandments were so flexible from Undercaffeinated
Charles at Dustbury links to an amusing article by Terrence Jeffrey arguing that the creation of embryonic stem cell lines breaks all ten commandments at once. A couple examples:...[read more]

Sounds like a pretty long stretch to me.

Even so, if scientists can use the stem cells to find a cure for cancer or diabetes, breaking a few commandments would be the last thing I'd worry about...

Posted by: ronbailey at 10:47 AM on 19 February 2004

I'm still not clear on why embryonic stem cells are necessary for these uses, rather than adult stem cells (which do not involve killing the source).

Posted by: McGehee at 11:55 AM on 19 February 2004