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21 February 2004

Watching the mirror

The first rule of ticket quotas is: you do not talk about ticket quotas.

The second rule — but never mind, you can see where this is going.

An Oklahoma City police officer is claiming that he has been harrassed for failure to enforce those, um, nonexistent quotas, and his attorney claims there are actual OCPD internal memos which state the precise numbers for one particular division.

The OCPD Public Information Officer issued the following statement:

The police department has an activity tracking system to monitor different law enforcement actions. The police department's activity program does not have a quota in any one of these categories, including traffic citations.

This could get complicated very quickly.

(Update, 27 February, 4:45 pm: The police chief explains why it's not a quota: officers aren't told they must reach a certain level of points and aren't punished or rewarded by their point totals.)

Posted at 9:37 AM to City Scene

The NYPD denies it has a ticket quota too. However, it does have something called a "summons performance measurement", which sounds, to me, a lot like consultant-speak for a ticket quota.

Posted by: Lesley at 11:00 AM on 21 February 2004

A quota by any other name...

Posted by: McGehee at 12:32 PM on 21 February 2004

Wow, these ticket quotas that do not exist sure sound a lot like those racial quotas that also do not exist.

Posted by: Xrlq at 7:58 PM on 24 February 2004