The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

22 February 2004

Heated debate

When your vantage point becomes increasingly blogocentric, as mine seems to have of late — one reason I still write those Vent pieces is to remind myself that there is something beyond the daily grind — we tend to forget that there are still other forms of discussion out there.

A fellow named Sean wrote me to plug something called Volconvo, a squoze-down term derived from "volcano" and "conversation", which isn't a blog at all, but one of those script-driven message boards (specifically, an Invision Power Board). I gave it a once-over, and mercifully, it's generally sane and by all appearances effectively moderated — I didn't see anything that reminded me of Freepers in full drool or the tortured illogic of the Democratic Underground, and apparently Mike Godwin got the day off.

Sean writes that he's "trying to make a difference, ever so slowly." I'd say that he's got the right idea.

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