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22 February 2004

Who's gonna drive you home?

When Governor Schwarzenegger moved to roll back California's motor-vehicle license fees, prompting the usual suspects to challenge the move in court, the city of Berkeley calculated that it would lose $1.3 million, and decided there had to be another way to pry money out of the owners of those hateful belching machines.

What they came up with was a tax on owners of multiple cars. The amount has yet to be determined — Councilman Kriss Worthington, who owns no cars, says the "outer edge" might be $1000 — and there's some doubt as to how it could be implemented in the first place, but details like that won't stop Mayor Tom Bates:

If we had the option, we'd do it in a heartbeat. We feel cars are a luxury that is expensive for the community.

Meanwhile, across the Bay, Assemblyman Mark Leno has proposed a measure to return the license fee in San Francisco to pre-Schwarzenegger levels. Personally, I think that if San Francisco needs an infusion of cash, they should just increase the current $82 marriage-license fee to maybe, oh, $1000 at the "outer edge."

Posted at 5:05 PM to Driver's Seat

I've been amused by the bay area wackos for decades, but the way things are going now, real depression is starting to set in.

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 5:50 AM on 23 February 2004

I'm rooting for the San Andreas, myself.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:19 AM on 23 February 2004