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23 February 2004

S-Bob be chillin

American Greetings, perhaps in a hurry to get the shipment to Wal-Mart before the Sons of Sam pitched a fit, accidentally misprinted a batch of SpongeBob SquarePants Valentine cards, rendering the young aquatic fellow, not in his usual diaper-interior yellow, but in the deepest ebony.

Or perhaps not. Printing for these is outsourced to China, and presumably they wouldn't know SpongeBob from dim sum.

(Snarfed from Tongue Tied)

Posted at 1:50 PM to Dyssynergy

The perils of outsourcing. The Smithers character in The Simpsons debuted as a black man, not by intention, but because the animation shops in Korea flubbed it.

Posted by: CT at 6:16 PM on 23 February 2004

Yo, G-Sponge.

Posted by: David at 9:32 AM on 24 February 2004

Ahh, a dark brown Sponnge Bob would look a lot like fried tofu - with pants... Mmmm. Fried tofu.

Posted by: Dan at 9:34 AM on 24 February 2004