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24 February 2004

Check your tinfoil supplies

Rudolph Giuliani was in town yesterday to accept an honorary doctorate from the University of Oklahoma. "Yes, we should be afraid," he said. "No, it should not stop us."

A guy in the crowd was evidently not stopped. He stood up and yelled something about how the al-Qaeda network had had nothing to do with the World Trade Center bombings, and Giuliani knew it.

And who was responsible?

"Wal-Mart did it, and you know it," said the guy.

The fellow was eventually propelled from the premises, and Giuliani shrugged. "I am used to protesters."

Still: Wal-Mart? Somewhere in this state there must be a meth lab putting out defective product.

Posted at 10:26 AM to Soonerland


Posted by: Ted at 12:01 PM on 24 February 2004

I wish - hope? - that someone in the crowd just went ahead and gut-punched the idiot.

The heckler, Charles, NOT The Mayor.

Posted by: David at 10:35 PM on 24 February 2004

Why not both? Better yet, stick 'em both in a ring.

(and Chuckles, is there really such a thing as non-defective meth?)

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 12:59 AM on 25 February 2004

If Wal-Mart did it, the plan must have gone awry, because they're not going to get to build a store on that site after all.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:15 AM on 25 February 2004