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28 February 2004

Unexpected tribute

If you hung around Nashville's Music Row, you probably knew the late Gene Hughes as a promo man par excellence.

But Gene Hughes was a singer, and a darn good one, and you might even have heard him: his voice is out front on the Casinos' lovely 1967 version of John D. Loudermilk's "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye".

When Gene died earlier this month, I figured there would be some perfunctory news coverage after the fact. What I didn't expect was a tribute on the comics page, especially in a perennially-outside-of-time strip like Nancy. But here it is, with Sluggo singing "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" to Nancy.

My thanks to the Gilchrist brothers, presently the proprietors of Ernie Bushmiller's classic comic, for this lovely little bit of remembrance; it had me singing along with Sluggo — and, of course, with Gene.

Posted at 9:57 AM to Tongue and Groove

How unusual. Touching, but unusual.

Posted by: David at 10:00 PM on 28 February 2004

I've just been browsing the past month's "Nancy" strips (mainly for scenes featuring Aunt Fritzi), and it does look like the Gilchrists are much more alert to the times than Bushmiller ever was.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:48 AM on 29 February 2004