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28 February 2004

Greatest Hits, volume X

Originally posted 5 July 2001

She might have been ten, she might have been twelve; it would never have occurred to me to ask. And she'd chosen the middle swing from the row of three, because there was much more room to swing, not only to and fro and up and down, but also side to side. I smiled at her as I stumbled down the hill towards the "cluster boxes" that the Postal Service finds so endearing and the postal patrons find so annoying.

"Whatever happened to my youthful exuberance?" I muttered to no one in particular while I pulled bill after bill out of its dingy receptacle. I mean, I don't have the urge to clamber onto a swing and get myself airborne or anything; the cruelty of gravity is something I'd just as soon not face. But here she was, a pretty girl on her way to becoming a beautiful woman, seemingly paying no attention whatsoever to the unending pressures from a culture she barely knows. "Grow up! Find romance! Spend money!" Who needs this sort of foolishness? Let her fly while she can, and let her grow up when she's ready.

By the time I'd started back up the hill, she'd moved to the far side of the playground, perhaps because she thought there would be fewer creepy old guys with twisted grins passing by. The twenty-first century refuses to be ignored, even by twelve-year-old girls. Even if they're ten.

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I watched Bowling For Columbine last night, and that's when I knew why I haven't grown up. I don't watch the news on TV. I don't read the newspaper (any newspaper, not just talking about the fish wrappings here in OKC). I don't watch sports, along with the buy Buy BUY advertising which sometimes breaks for the game itself.
The only reason I don't run around like I used to is because I'm somewhat more frail than I was at 10. Doesn't mean I still don't ride the carts down the aisle at the grocery store, though. (and I didn't just start that back up because I have a kid now, either. Never gave it up)

DITCH THE MEDIA! Caves are kinda damp, but the temperature remains constant year-round. On a slightly related note: The Media somehow gave "Chicago" some awards and stuff. I just watched it with The Woman. My review went something like this:

"Forget about gum popping, or sleeping around with one or more other people. If I *ever* see you bring this movie home on DVD, it's all over for you. I never thought I'd say this about any musical movie with near-naked women in it, but Showgirls was better. Hell, The Apple was better than this shit."
I don't know why it won awards. They Who Art Them loved it. They want us to love it. Big Brother Loves You. The Computer Is Your Friend.
**oops** too much coffee, not enough sleep.

Terkish Payne, when I grow up, I want to be a kid.

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 12:57 AM on 29 February 2004