The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

1 March 2004

Getting there from here

Oklahoman columnist Don Gammill covers transportation issues, and this week he passed this reader question to the city traffic engineer:

Why, after 40 years, does not Oklahoma City complete the interchange at Northwest Expressway and May Avenue, the southeast quadrant? This would allow traffic going east to exit and go north without having to travel on another 300 feet.

May runs north and south; Northwest Distressway runs more or less west-by-northwest to east-by-southeast. There is no intersection: the May lanes are elevated, and there is no ramp for the narrowest turn, eastbound NWD to northbound May. (In practice, you follow NWD for one more block, take the turnaround, and catch the northbound ramp from westbound NWD.)

This is of course a pain in the neck, but as a practical matter, all the ramps are inadequate; the city engineer says basically that they'd have to redo the entire interchange, and that's probably true, but for the moment, I'm planning my trips with an eye toward never having to take any of those turns. Since I live less than a mile away, that's a lot of planning.

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