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2 March 2004

We bring good things to light

If you buy lots of General Electric light bulbs, be advised that GE's Home Electric Products division in Cleveland is getting out of the business.

Oh, you'll still be able to buy GE bulbs, but they'll be made in Oklahoma City by Jasco Products Co. under license. Jasco, which has been making electronic accessories for GE for the last four or five years, is adding about 120 jobs and 400,000 square feet of plant space.

What, you were expecting maybe China?

Posted at 1:55 PM to City Scene

umm...insourcing? What a nifty idea.

Posted by: rick at 3:07 PM on 2 March 2004

Too bad for Cleveland but hooray for OKC! And still "Made in America."

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 4:42 PM on 2 March 2004