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3 March 2004

Grey Lady grows spine, film at 11

Ted Rall, dumped by The New York Times, responds:

[W]hat the Times has done here to me — and to you — represents a dangerous precedent for a free press (or, in this case, an online press). They've sent the message that political pressure works. It's one thing for an editor to decide that a cartoon no longer works for editorial reasons, or that it's not as good as it used to be. It's quite another to cancel it simply because you're tired of being deluged with hate mail. Dealing with feedback is an editor's job. If you don't like the hate mail, delete it.

Anyone want to argue that Rall's cartoon isn't as good as it used to be? Michele? Bueller?

Update, 4 March, 10:40 am: Here's what Michele had to say:

Note to Ted Rall: Maybe they let you go because you SUCK?

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Our VRWC minions have successful flown airplanes into the skyscraper of Ted Rall's career. The New York Times resident shock jock cartoonist, has been fired. Naturally Rall, who once even made 'fun' of terror widows, is crying censorship. As Michele......[read more]

Rall has himself to blame.

You know, I used to enjoy his cartoons... UNTIL THE DAY when he published the strip "Terror Widows", where Rall mocks the surviving relatives of the 9/11 dead as publicity-hungry media whores.

He broke the first Commandment of Satire: Kick on the mighty, but NEVER kick people when they are lying down.


Posted by: A.R. Yngve at 4:54 AM on 4 March 2004

If you don't like getting hate mail delete the reason it's being sent.

Sorry there, Red Ted, but it's not censorship because the government had absolutely nothing to do with you losing your gravy train.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 7:05 AM on 4 March 2004

He can always go to work for Arab News.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:31 AM on 4 March 2004

I too used to enjoy Rall ... but he lost his mind a couple of years ago and cannot seem to get it back together ... it's too bad but I don't see what choice he is leaving his employers.

Posted by: Joseph Olde at 10:43 AM on 5 March 2004