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6 March 2004

It scrolls for thee

Bruce reports that scrolling this page is a slow process. I have been so far unable to replicate the situation he's experiencing, even on a low-speed dialup. Is anyone else having similar problems with this page?

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Charles Hill of dustbury was kind enough to e-mail me a copy of the Perl script he mentions in comments......[read more]
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it just might be my pooky computer...

Posted by: bruce at 1:59 PM on 6 March 2004

I have blazingly fast dialup at home (living in the inner city means half a mile of copper from here to the switch) and an OC-3 at work. I find that this site scrolls, not exactly slow, but sometime sort of jerky. It is, of course, not doing it today. The content value outweighs any annoyance.

Posted by: triticale at 3:52 PM on 6 March 2004

Nope...working fine as always for me.

Posted by: David at 10:07 PM on 6 March 2004

Uh...but FWIW, the comment took nearly a minute to post.

Posted by: David at 10:08 PM on 6 March 2004

Probably because there are something like 4,500 of them.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:09 PM on 6 March 2004

Just recently discovered this site. Works great.

Posted by: CeeSouthside at 11:04 PM on 6 March 2004

The only problem I experience other than what David said is I have to remember to use the back arrow to return to the site after I read a link, because I can't just exit out of the link or it takes me completely out of your site. I notice most blogs all I do is just exit out and I'm back to the blog.

Posted by: Vickie at 7:01 AM on 7 March 2004

I have noticed slow scrolling occasionally on various blogs, but this one's doing fine for me right now.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:40 AM on 7 March 2004

No problems here either :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 9:13 AM on 7 March 2004

It works okay for me. Maybe it's a slow processor or having too many other applications open at the same time?

Posted by: sya at 9:27 AM on 7 March 2004

And if you'd really like to keep this page open while you check out an external link, you can always right-click on said link, which will open a number of options including "Open in new window" (or, if you're using Opera or that Mozilla Firething, "Open in new tab").

Other blogs that open a new window automatically have been coded to do so, I suspect, because the bloggers prefer to do their surfing that way. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not the way I do mine; I pop up my own page, then right-click on three or four links at a time, then go to the kitchen to refresh my drink (or, alternately, somewhere else as a result of all those drinks).

There is one new script running here which may add to wait time. It automatically closes comments on any posting older than three weeks, which means that it has to query the database each time; on the other hand, running the query and closing four or five posts (it does not rebuild them) should not take longer than one or two seconds.

(This script is here, of course, because it cuts down the available space for comment spammers, a lower form of pond scum which has inflicted itself on too many sites already.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:44 AM on 7 March 2004

By the way, the slow or jerky scrolling would not have anything to do with connection speed. To the extent that it existed (I'm still not reproducing it) it occurred even with a fully loaded page.

Posted by: triticale at 1:23 PM on 7 March 2004

There is one new script running here which may add to wait time. It automatically closes comments on any posting older than three weeks

Charles, how do I get a script like that?

Posted by: McGehee at 2:15 PM on 7 March 2004

This little darb is called "MTCloseComments", and it's a single script that drops into your MT Plugins directory. Absurdly simple. It requires MT 2.63 or later and an SQL-based blog. (You can set the threshold to whatever time frame you want; I set 21 days.)

You get it here.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:11 PM on 7 March 2004