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7 March 2004

Desperately seeking celluloid

Friday, I wondered just what had gotten into the Oklahoma Gazette: they published not one but two reviews of Bertolucci's The Dreamers, a film which is not playing anywhere within a hundred miles.

Today, the Gazette's Preston Jones explains:

The situation surrounding The Dreamers was indeed interesting. The press screening was held Feb. 27 at AMC Quail Springs, and as of that date, it was slated to open in OKC March 5. As of Tuesday (3/2), Michelle Langston at George Grube Advertising let us know that the film was no longer opening here; it now had a release date of TBD. Since we found out on Tuesday, we'd already gone to press and it was too late to do anything about our full page of reviews. Michelle said that [the Oklahoman's] not taking advertising wasn't the problem, but that no theater in town would book the film...which clearly wasn't a problem in Tulsa, where's it's playing at the AMC theater there.

It's deeply frustrating, to be sure, that a worthwhile film can't find a screen to call home in our fair burg...perhaps there's hope that the Noble Theater will pick up the film for a weekend. We shall see....

I can only conclude that AMC Quail Springs needed the extra space for 50 First Dates, which was shown eleven times today.

The Noble Theater, for you out-of-towners, is the 250-seat theater at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, in downtown's nascent Arts District. The Museum itself is actually an extensive redesign of the old 1600-seat Centre Theater, which opened in 1947 and shut down along with most of downtown circa 1980. The Noble's film program is extensive, and until the Harkins opens in Bricktown, presumably this summer, it's the only downtown venue for film. And happily for me, it's a shorter drive to downtown than it is to Quail freaking Springs.

Posted at 5:59 PM to Soonerland

What about Cinemark Tinseltown? Lots closer and also cheaper :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 7:18 AM on 8 March 2004

In my experience, they don't book much of anything out of the mainstream. It's a good multiplex — I've always been impressed with the operation — but it's not a place one goes for the esoteric.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:47 AM on 8 March 2004

This is true. I have noted that the Cinemark in Tulsa often has different fare and often an oddball or two. No doubt a corporate trick :(

Posted by: ms7168 at 7:57 AM on 9 March 2004