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10 March 2004

Blows against the Empire

We may be a deeply divided nation — Red versus Blue, Republican versus Democrat, This versus That — but there's one thing on which everyone agrees: Clear Channel sucks.

Allow me to demur ever so slightly. I have no particular fondness for America's largest radio group owner, but I don't consider them to be some sort of indestructible monolith: they can be beaten.

In Oklahoma City, they are being beaten. Routinely. Three stations finished in a virtual dead heat for the number-one spot this last book, and not one of them was an outpost of the Evil Empire; the best showing made by a Clear Channel station was #6, by news/talker KTOK, and we all know this is because of morning man Cam Edwards, who's worth two or three ratings points all by himself.

I might also point out that stations not owned by Clear Channel also tend to be less than scintillatingly brillant and/or incredibly innovative, which tells me that Clear Channel isn't the disease: it's merely a symptom.

Posted at 6:29 AM to Overmodulation

Interesting numbers, if I saw the same ones you did. I had no idea that KING Country was #1. This used to be the Land of KXY, no more I guess. Dave and Dan suck anyway.

Posted by: Chris at 7:06 AM on 10 March 2004