The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

10 March 2004

Forsyth, forsooth

I figure, if Robb Hibbard (9 March, 12:25 pm) can get away with a reference to Gregory's Girl, so can I.

In his piece, Hibbard actually describes a scene with Gregory's sister:

Madeline is about to begin sipping a ginger beer float (ugh, who else believes ginger beer one of the vilest concoctions ever brewed outside the realm of underpants?). Anyway, prior to the beverage's imminent consumption, Madeline delivers a miniature soliloquy germane to the nature of longing, and how quelling longing leads only to further longing. "But that can't last forever," she says, and enjoys her float.

Wise beyond her years. And not just wise, as one of the neighborhood boyz who seeks to win Madeline's heart explains to Gregory:

"She's only ten, but she has the body of a woman of thirteen."

Ah, youth. What a pity to waste it on the young.

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