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10 March 2004

Eat [blank] and die

The case for Big Arm Woman as dinner date:

Of all the snobs in the world, food snobs are the absolute worst. I'm not interested in your super special imported brie and paté on cracked pepper rounds, and I could give a rat's ass that you refuse to pollute your body with non-soy milk. It's food. Eat what you want, freak out about pesticides and GM crap and whether that rhubarb root is really super fresh all you want — you're all still going to end up in the same place: DEAD.

Sure, I'll buy.

Posted at 10:54 AM to Worth a Fork

Speaking of FOOD, when was it you planned to feed all your movers?
Also, it's now March. Your usual time to pick up your Christmas gift; it's still here.

Posted by: wamprat at 12:34 PM on 10 March 2004

This is supposed to be at your convenience, not mine; all I have to do is sign the tab.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:09 PM on 10 March 2004

Heh. Tell that to my health freak housemate. She asked me if I knew what the nutritional value of bok choy was the other day.

Posted by: sya at 6:22 PM on 10 March 2004

Hey, you just sign the tab? How about some Italian? Ooh... I need to go to a fancy resturant at least one time in my life... how about The Haunted House?

Posted by: Aniwarp at 9:05 PM on 10 March 2004

I'm hungry, but try and get that many people to have a free time and getting them to commit....sure is hard.

Posted by: Sweetpea at 10:52 PM on 11 March 2004