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10 March 2004

We shall not be moved

Occasionally, someone — usually someone from Oklahoma — grumbles about the annual OU-Texas football clash in Dallas' Cotton Bowl, which is, after all, in Texas.

Well, it's not going anywhere, at least through 2008; Dallas Mayor Laura Miller announced today that the Cotton Bowl will be keeping OU-Texas for five more years under a new contract. The City of Dallas will pay each school $250,000 per year for expenses and waive the $94,000 stadium rental at Fair Park; in addition, four thousand new seats will be installed in the end zones.

I never did worry too much about this. I mean, Dallas is fairly close to the midpoint of a Norman-to-Austin drive, and where are you going to find truly neutral territory? It took years just to establish where the Texas-Oklahoma border actually is.

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Besides, Dallas is a major metro market with a large, historical stadium and the hotel / restaurant capacity to host the big game. That being said I can't see Ohio State / Michigan being played anywhere but Columbus and Ann Arbor.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 7:30 PM on 10 March 2004