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11 March 2004

Return to Geauga Lake

Six Flags World of Adventure in Aurora, Ohio was created from the fusion of two amusement parks: the classic Geauga Lake park, founded way back in 1888, and Sea World Ohio, which opened in 1970.

The park has been drawing about 1.5 million visitors a year, but Six Flags has had a couple of rough years, and will now sell the park to Cedar Fair LP, operators of the Cedar Point amusement park near Sandusky, for approximately $145 million.

The first order of business for Cedar Fair likely will be to expunge all Six Flags-related indicia, including Warner Bros. characters used by Six Flags under license, before the park opens in seven weeks.

Six Flags, based in Oklahoma City, retains one Ohio park: the Wyandot Lake water park near Columbus. The firm also is selling off seven of its eight European facilities.

Posted at 2:35 AM to Almost Yogurt

I always thought it was just wrong for a "Six Flags" amusement park to exist in a place where six national flags had never flown. I guess I'm still stuck in the olden days of yore (and my) when the original Six Flags park was Six Flags Over Texas and the name actually referred to the six national flags that had flown over Texas.

Now the logo shows six colored pennants, utterly eviscerating the whole point of the name.

I live about a dozen miles (and roughyl fifty bucks) away from what used to be "Six Flags Over Georgia", but they had to eliminate the "Over Georgia" part when we went through six state flags in a week and a half.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:18 AM on 11 March 2004

Cedar Point is the amusement park of choice for Detroiters. I did go to that Sea World of Ohio and Geauga Lake way back in the day, but it just wasn't as fun.

The Cedar Fair amusement park here in the Twin Cities area (Valleyfair) sucks donkey balls. It pales in comparison to Cedar Point.

Posted by: Erica at 10:59 AM on 11 March 2004

I'm two and a half hours from Cedar Point, an hour and a half from Kings Island (Paramount) and Wyandot Lake is about 10 minutes up the street. Cedar Point is by far the best of the bunch.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 11:20 AM on 11 March 2004

I loved the fact that you could visit an amusement park and marine park at the same time it will be sad to see Sea World gone.

Posted by: connie at 8:20 AM on 3 April 2004