The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

11 March 2004

The last real newspaperman

A nice tribute to the late Jenkin Lloyd Jones in Tulsa Today, brought to my attention by Okiedoke.

Says Mike:

It probably doesn't help that dueling big-city newspapers are fast becoming memories. I read the Oklahoma City Times much more than the Tulsa Tribune for logistical reasons, but it's safe to say we were better off with both of them. It may be more profitable for one publisher to provide the news than two, but it's certainly not more effective.

Indeed it doesn't help, although there hasn't been actual competition in Oklahoma City since 1980, when The Oklahoma Journal folded; the Times had been absorbed by the Oklahoman decades before. The Tribune soldiered on until 1992, when the rival World, yoked to the Tribune in one of those pesky Joint Operating Agreements, saw an opportunity to dispose of its rival once and for all.

In the fall of 2002, I did a fairly readable Vent on JOAs in general and the Tribune under Jenk Jones in particular.

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