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12 March 2004

Average Joe-Bob

Kristin sees distinct advantages to Oklahoma guys, especially small-town Oklahoma guys:

dating a guy from small town oklahoma has several perks: the charming accent, the huge extended family, the people skills that come from growing up in a place where everyone knows you, and the extensive knowledge of wildlife from having killed and/or eaten most of the area's animals.

Okay, allow a couple of points for tongue in cheek. But still:

small town oklahoma, i am falling in love with you. add a couple more sonics, a few more places which sell the good magazines, maybe a mall in the near vicinity, and some wireless internet capabilities, and i am SO done with the big cities for good.

We'll never run out of Sonics. And "good magazines" are in the eye of the beholder: most mainstream stuff is as near as Wally World, though you're going to have to hang closer to the big towns if you're jonesing for, say, Mother Jones.

On the other hand, conventional wisdom has it that people of this age (Kristin's an OU undergrad) want nothing so much as to get the hell out of Oklahoma altogether, so examples of young folks who actually like this place are always worth mentioning.

Posted at 7:34 AM to Soonerland

Which, surprisingly, is why even though we attended OU that we like Stillwater (home of OSU) so much. It's about as big of a city as I'd ever like to live in, being a small-town Oklahoma gal myself (and we live on the edge of Stillwater, even). Decent shopping (finally), two Sonics (including the first one so named in Oklahoma!), and only an hour from both OKC and Tulsa, making for easy trips to Real Shopping. The only problem right now is that the local theater still sucks, but that I can live with.

Posted by: Jennifer at 8:18 AM on 13 March 2004