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12 March 2004

Proofreading: a lost art

A weekly paper which shall go nameless printed a rant about inattentive drivers, one of the noirest of my personal bêtes, which contained this howler:

Hmm, a red hexagon with large white letters, what could it be? I've got it. It's a stop sign. I wonder what I'm supposed to do when I see one of those?

I sent a note to the writer in question, to the effect that I've never seen one; in 25 years of driving around this town, I have yet to come across a stop sign with 25 percent fewer sides.

I was ready to leave it at that until Entertainment Weekly #756 showed up with a review of the soundtrack from the Starsky & Hutch movie, which baldly stated:

The standout is Dazz's funky, eminently uplifting "Brick."

Even if TVT Records botched the credits, which I doubt, the uplifting funk in question is titled "Dazz," and it was recorded by Brick. It's even defined in the lyrics: "disco jazz." (There was a followup called "Dusic," about which the less said, the better.)

I haven't written to EW about this. Yet.

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Twice more we see the effects of the declining quality of public education.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 5:54 AM on 13 March 2004

Aha! I'm not the only one that thinks proofreading is a lost art. Thanks for sending me the link Ralph.

If I wrote about all the typos, misspelled & mis-used words in our local paper, I'd have a full time job. My latest favorite was a job ad for a director of some charity organization, who, as the ad said, must "be able to write rants."

I'm guessing someone dropped a "g" there.

Posted by: Rita at 10:39 PM on 13 March 2004

See what happens when the Spelling Police disbands? This, naturally, includes the Grammar Forces Special Ops unit. Anyway, I mentioned something about spelling and grammar on a gaming forum some time back. Basically, it appears that if you can get the meaning of whatever crap people are typing, then it doesn't matter if everything is spelled right, or even has all the words in it.

All your base are belong to us!

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 11:09 AM on 14 March 2004