The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

13 March 2004

Open mouth, insert foot

And no one is more adept at that clumsy maneuver than Rep. Bill Graves (R-Delerium), whose latest eruption came during a House session that was debating whether the state should establish a Latino Affairs Commission.

Said Graves, "We do have a lot of Mexicans and Hispanics that want to come here and live, and frankly, I think we're getting too many."

Ed Romo of the League of United Latin American Citizens was the first to weigh in with a complaint; he wants an apology from Graves. It's not likely he'll get it, though Graves has backpedaled slightly, claiming what he said, or at least what he meant, was that we had a surplus of illegal aliens.

I'm not exactly counting the days until Graves' departure — term limits will dispose of him shortly — but let it be known that when I went looking for a house, one of the geographical criteria I used was "Not in Bill Graves' district." I didn't say so, of course; I just set the boundaries accordingly.

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Everybody demands an apology these days. It's so tiresome worrying about every syllable one utters from one's mouth.

Posted by: Vickie at 4:59 PM on 13 March 2004