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16 March 2004

Nematode the wet sprocket

It is widely reported that Martin Luther was beset by — or, by some accounts, was obsessed with — flatulence and its, um, related phenomena.

If your immediate response to this is "Yeah, it's because of that Diet of Worms," Dawn Eden has a song for you.

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She dreams about non-existent train stations. She writes songs about historic events that occurred in Worms, Germany. She writes liner notes for '60s pop album reissues. She writes about replacement theology. She's Jewish. She's a born-again Christian.......[read more]

I'm not sure about the gender gap. At my place of employment, the only official and admitted moment flatulence in four years was perpetrated by a girl.

And don't even get me started on my wife.

Posted by: tom at 10:00 AM on 16 March 2004

May I present Governor William J. LePetomane!

Women don't belch and women don't fart. If they didn't bitch they'd explode!

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 7:29 PM on 16 March 2004