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17 March 2004

Mark Cuban, blogger

One of the joys of blogging is the opportunity to score points against what we see as bias or inaccuracy or simple cluelessness in Big Media.

And while said joy does trickle down to us insignificant D-list bloggers — nobody will ever accuse me of being influential — I rather suspect that the bigger boys on the block are enjoying their newfound clout even more.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, thinks big. And he's ready to take on Big Media too, as witness this entry:

Sports reporting has turned into a confused business. You would think that with the net, everyone would recognize that a "scoop" doesn't quite have the value that it did back in the days when the new stuff came with the morning paper. Today, every scoop gets posted to the paper website first, so the paper can prove they broke the story. It's seen and reported on and immediately world-wide within minutes afterwards. That doesn't stop reporters from focusing first and foremost on "breaking scoops". Not stories. Scoops. Anything you think you know that the other guys don't. The joy of getting the props for getting the story on the site before the other guy.

Their grab for glory is my continuous nuisance. It gets really old getting pestered about transactional items. It's amazing how many emails I get: are you going to make a trade, did you make a trade, who are you going to trade? Who are you going to sign? Questions they all know I won't answer because the minute we do something, we are going to release it to the world in a press release. Yet the reporters hold out hope that maybe, just maybe, they can catch a deal or something else just before it happens — and luck turns into a scoop. Scoops make the bosses happy.

Mark, ol' pal, here's the one thing you need to know: as a blogger, you can make your own scoops. Eliminate the middleman, so to speak.

(I have a feeling he's gonna like this.)

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