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18 March 2004

Spigots of red and blue

I've been resisting Fundrace's Neighbor Search; while I'm a big fan of full disclosure, I admit to being somewhat uneasy about a handy little tool that can reveal political contributions from around the world, across the nation, and up my street.

But what the hell. I fed my ZIP code to the form, and here's what we had, as of the end of last year:

For Democrats:
Wesley Clark - 3 contributors, total $3,175
Howard Dean - 9 contributors, total $4,693
John Edwards - 5 contributors, total $4,750
Dennis Kucinich - 1 contributor, total $1,000
Joe Lieberman - 4 contributors, total $2,250

For Republicans:
George W. Bush - 12 contributors, total $11,050

Nothing really surprising here: I expected that there would be close to an even split between the parties, with perhaps a slight edge to the Democrats, who after all had that many more candidates at the time. (Democrats received 59 percent of the dollars from this area.) Then again, my state senator and representative are both Republicans, though neither district line corresponds to the ZIP code boundaries.

No doubt it will be instructive to see the post-election numbers.

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