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18 March 2004

So happy together

Steve Gigl reports that the Minneapolis suburbs of Crystal and New Hope are contemplating merging.

I know very little about Hennepin County — my only visit to the place was last summer during World Tour '03 — but I'm guessing there must be something in the Minnesota temperament that makes this plausible; something like that would never happen down here in Soonerland. Warr Acres, for instance, would be loath to give up its "Warning: Higher Taxes Ahead" signs on the way out of the city limits.

On the other hand, Hall Park, a tiny Cleveland County enclave, voted last year to dissolve itself and become part of Norman, but I'd be hard-pressed to call that a "merger"; we're talking one square mile added to a city that sprawls over more than 170.

Posted at 8:29 PM to Dyssynergy

It's entirely possible that there are a bunch of people in both cities grumbling about this idea, but since we're newcomers here, I haven't heard much of it. Part of the reason there hasn't been a big backlash is probably that the cities are already part of the same school district (which is named for the nearest first-ring suburb, Robbinsdale), so that's one source of rivalry that is missing. Or maybe it's part of an inferiority complex, since both cities are small and mostly residential.

Other than that, it does kinda surprise me that we haven't had a big outcry of older residents--and there are a lot of them, although people my age are starting to move in now--complaining about it. Give it some time...

Posted by: Steve Gigl at 11:29 PM on 18 March 2004

I live in Plymouth which borders New Hope to the east (*just* on the other side of US-169 there), and those two cities are virtually indistinguishable to me. Although I've only lived in the metro for a total of 3 years (on and off) and in Plymouth for 1.5 years (on and off), so I have no historical perspective whatsoever.

Posted by: Erica at 3:13 PM on 24 March 2004

I drove through there last summer (before I got to Detroit, natch), and most of the suburbs seemed at least somewhat interchangeable. Then again, I have only two or three days' worth of perspective.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:25 PM on 24 March 2004