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19 March 2004

Mr Edwards goes to Washington

The Top Five reasons Cam Edwards is moving to D.C.:

5. Fond childhood memories of Hasbro's Junior Policy Wonk kit

4. Wanted to see if it was possible to be a leading Oklahoma blogger without, y'know, actually being in Oklahoma

3. Heard that darn near anyone could get elected Mayor of the District

2. Flooded with guilt after taking all that money from Clear Channel

1. Robin Meyers will be a thousand miles away

It won't be the same without you, Cam. Fare thee well.

(Update: Added a Robin Meyers link.)

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Thanks Chaz. Our traffic guy, Mike Rogers, said that the Mayflower Congregational Church will be holding a celebration service this Sunday in recognition of me leaving. I thought that was pretty amusing.

Posted by: Cam at 6:44 AM on 19 March 2004