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19 March 2004

Simulated exhilaration

It always amazes me how fast things happen once winter is banished from the premises. Last week US 62 was lined with bare cottonwood trees; this morning it's like the world's largest Q-Tip display. I have one such tree in the back yard, which isn't blooming quite so quickly, but it should be up to speed presently.

Temperatures have been sneaking into the 80s, which prompted me to open up the shutters — pop the doors and twist the crank, and they open for ventilation — and the humongous attic fan. Just watching the motorized louvers on the fan opening slowly, deliberately, inspires low-level awe, and opening a mere three sets of shutters (two out of four in the living room, one out of four in the master bedroom) produced enough airflow to keep a small kite aloft. I know this seems awfully low-tech in this age of 24/7 climate control, but it works.

Ah, Spring. Now to wait for the inevitable thunderstorms.

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I thought I wanted one too when I was house shopping. Grandma (who has one) told me that the downside is you suck in dirt and other unpleasantries. Especially if you happen to have any allergies.

Posted by: ms7168 at 10:57 AM on 19 March 2004

Most of my allergies are to people, not to odd biological artifacts.

There are screens. We're not talking serious filters here, but there are screens.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:20 AM on 19 March 2004


Could those of you in the part of the country where spring has arrived in an expected and timely fashion please refrain from rubbing said occasion in the rest of our recently snowed-upon faces.

That is all.

Posted by: Vickie at 2:29 PM on 19 March 2004

In that case, I won't mention the first cooling degree days of the year, six of which we picked up yesterday.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:26 AM on 20 March 2004

I never have figured out what the hell a "heating degree" or a "cooling degree" is. It always sounded like a bunch of new-age meteorological mumbo-jumbo to me.

When it's warm enough to put on the flip-flops and the swimsuit, that's all I need to know.

Posted by: Vickie at 2:40 PM on 20 March 2004

A degree day is figured by taking the daily average temperature and comparing it to 65. Yesterday's range was 58 to 83, an average of 70.5; round it up to 71 and you have six cooling degree days. The day before was 48 to 80, an average of 64, which results in one heating degree day.

These figures are useful only in aggregate: if you have so many heating degree days per year, on average, the guidebooks say you need a furnace this big.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:07 PM on 20 March 2004

A) Why do you know this.
B) Why would anybody know this.
C) Why would anybody care to know this.
D) When it's below 50 outside, my furnace kicks in.
E) When it's above 50 outside, my flipflops kick out.

Posted by: Vickie at 7:48 PM on 20 March 2004

A) Somebody has to.
B) And it might as well be me.
C) In case the topic ever comes up.
D)E) And at exactly 50, you just stand there and wait?

(Incidentally, a cold front just passed through; tomorrow we will be hard-pressed to make it to 60, which is slightly below the seasonal norm.)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:04 PM on 20 March 2004

A)Don't know
B)Builders and Heat and air people to get the proper furnaces and AC installed
C)See B
D&E) Well at least you have your priorities decided.
I work in the Heat and air field, and it does help to know what size unit to put in so that it does the job and doesn't waste energy. This is a case where bigger is not always better.

Now if the weather would just finally decide to switch to the proper season, but then again this is Oklahoma, if you don't like the weather just stick around it will change.

Posted by: anstranger at 4:13 PM on 22 March 2004