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19 March 2004

There goes the neighborhood?

Saturday I described a rather unusual development around town: the construction of two houses by Habitat for Humanity in a local Historic District. I suggested at the time that present residents might not be enthusiastic at the prospect, though I did predict that things would work out in the long run.

MidCity Advocate columnist Jennifer Gaines, who lives about two blocks from the new homes, sees things this way:

You just never know, when you get a new neighbor, what kind of person they are going to be. I have no doubt that, given the current state of the outside of our home and yard, plenty of our neighbors are disappointed that we moved here, instead of some more energetic people. Any new neighbor is a mystery, even if you hide behind the blinds while they move in and inspect their furniture. I hope that all of my neighbors and I remember this as the new houses near completion and that two lucky families get to move into their very own homes. I hope that we all greet them with open arms and open minds.

And I hope, for everyone's sake, that they are proud of their new homes, and eager to show it.

Only time will tell, and time has this irritating tendency to give up no secrets until the last possible minute.

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