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21 March 2004

Welcome to Tap City

Those wonderful folks at Coca-Cola have recalled every last bottle of Dasani water sold in Great Britain after the finished product exceeded British standards for bromate.

Coca-Cola's vaunted "purification" process apparently involves bubbling the water through calcium chloride; the company has said that it got a bad batch of CaCl2 which contained excess amounts of bromide salts.

Thames Water, which runs the water supply in Sidcup, Kent from which Dasani is drawn, was quick to point out that it wasn't their fault.

Dasani sales in the US — it's the #2 bottled water, trailing Aquafina, a similarly-conceived product sold by (of course) Pepsi-Cola — will probably not be affected.

I think I'll go have a Dr Pepper, since it's almost 10.

(Muchas gracias: Mike "Interested-Participant" Pechar.)

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