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21 March 2004

Free beer at Hooters

Well, okay, don't get carried away. This offer is at one location only — 5821 W Interstate 20, near Little Road, Arlington, Texas — and it's subject to change at any time. Please note, there's a two-beer limit per customer.

And no, this isn't a promotional gimmick of some sort. After two years, a local community group persuaded a judge to revoke the restaurant's beer license, claiming that an atmosphere in which inebriated men gawk at women dressed like Creamsicles was a recipe for increased sex crimes in the area. No actual evidence was presented to support this claim, nor was any action taken against another Hooters location on the other side of Arlington.

If they can't sell beer, though, Texas law allows them to give it away, and that's exactly what they're doing, presumably until all the legal antics are concluded.

"Free beer at Hooters." Said Rod Dreher in The Dallas Morning News blog (19 March, 10:51 am): "Are there four more beautiful words in the English language? I ask you."

Posted at 2:20 PM to Dyssynergy

Only in Texas.

I think it's awesome.

Posted by: Vickie at 4:57 PM on 21 March 2004

Another Pyrrhic victory for the fem-damentalists.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:40 PM on 21 March 2004

Gotta love blue laws.

Posted by: Skip at 12:10 AM on 22 March 2004

Oh wow. Hey, I live pretty close to Texas, and I have a free weekend...

Posted by: Kevin at 6:51 PM on 25 March 2004

Sorry guys----a 2 beer limit

Posted by: gary at 6:15 PM on 7 April 2004