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21 March 2004

Nader comes to town

Ralph Nader brought his Presidential campaign to town today, speaking at Stage Center before an audience estimated at 150.

Getting on the Oklahoma ballot will be difficult for Nader: under state law, he will have to collect 37,027 signatures from registered voters to get his name listed among the candidates. "The two parties here," he said, "have been quite successful in mounting obstacles to competition from third party and independent candidates," and indeed Nader, then running as a Green, was unable to get on the ballot in 2000.

And the people who do get on the ballot here, said Nader, aren't exactly prizes either: our Congressional delegation comprises "the cruelest, most craven legislators in Washington — outside of Texas."

Hmmm. He may understand this place better than I thought.

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Even a stopped clock, and all that... :)


Posted by: Myria at 9:45 PM on 21 March 2004

Nader said Oklahoma is the only state that a voter can't write in a candidate.
State Senate President Pro Tempore Cal Hobsonblames it on our voting system being too modern.

Posted by: Mike at 7:15 PM on 22 March 2004

I want to see how they do write-ins on those fancy-schmancy touch-screen machines.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:24 PM on 22 March 2004