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23 March 2004

Not so hard to predict

The story so far:

  • Massachusetts same-sex couple adopts child from Oklahoma, seeks state birth certificate.

  • Department of Health asks Attorney General what the law specifies.

  • AG responds that it's a legal adoption, even if the parents don't qualify under Oklahoma law; Health duly issues certificate.

  • Republican lawmakers vow to do something about it.

The other shoe has dropped; Rep. Thad Balkman (R-Norman) has let it be known that the GOP is looking for a bill to which they can attach an amendment that would ban out-of-state adoptions of Oklahoma children by gay couples. Writing their own bill is evidently out of the question. (I suggest Senate Bill 1413, which to me looks like a back-door attempt to reinstate the state's sodomy laws by defining a new class of the "detestable and abominable crime against nature".)

The Department of Health reports that half a dozen children from Oklahoma have been adopted by gay couples outside the state.

Posted at 8:00 AM to Soonerland

They can't introduce new legislation at this point because the deadline has passed. The initial deadline for legislation is back in December, long before the session actually begins.

Posted by: Michael Bates at 1:04 PM on 24 March 2004

True enough, but I fail to see why this is so important that it can't wait until the next session; is it that important to Make a Statement?

Yeah, yeah, I know. "What about the children?" Right now, I'm thinking they're going to grow up happier the farther they are from the likes of Thad Balkman.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:23 PM on 24 March 2004