The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

25 March 2004

The House seeks to hook Fisher

Republicans in the Oklahoma House have moved to impeach Carroll Fisher, calling the controversial Insurance Commissioner "an embarrassment to the people of Oklahoma."

House Resolution 1040, by Fred Morgan (R-Oklahoma City) and John Trebilcock (R-Broken Arrow), calls for the Speaker to convene a committee to investigate Fisher's activities and decide whether impeachment and removal from office is warranted.

At the time the resolution was introduced, Fisher was turning over his financial records to a grand jury, which had charged him with embezzlement.

Fisher pointed out that at least one House Republican — Mike O'Neil, from Enid — was under a cloud after a sexual-battery charge was filed last month, and suggested that the resolution was partially motivated by a desire to take the heat off O'Neil.

Should the committee approve articles of impeachment, they would go to the full House for a vote; if a majority of the House agrees, the Senate would try the impeachment, with a two-thirds vote required to remove Fisher from office.

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